Why is photography cost going higher every year?

Why is photography cost going higher every year?

Study on the photography costing

Usually weddings happen in Indian families once in a while and when you try to compare the current photography charges with your previous bookings, to your utmost surprise, you discover there is a BIG CHANGE. No matter how close you are with the team you are planning to hire, you still can not manage to get expected discounts. Here is a study on why things are moving up fast and most of times they are non-negotiable.

1. Your Expectations –



So, it all starts with YOU; what plans you have for your event. Whether it’s something larger than life, or a close to heart event with limited guests, or a classic, loud wedding with plenty of guests. There are huge number of factors which have a direct impact on the budget. A pre-wedding photoshoot at a local destination would obviously take less infrastructure and logistics cost compared to one at Ladakh. A wedding photoshoot for 5 long days by a well known team will be definitely costlier than a 3 days wedding coverage with a newly formed team. So, it all depends on how you plan your wedding to be photographed and the cost will go up or down accordingly.

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2. Revolution of Equipment –



  Model posing for photoshoot with external flash used

There is a gear revolution going behind the scenes silently in each year. The gears which considered to be remarkable a couple of years ago, are backdated today. The newer ones are inevitably costlier than the previous ones. Believe it or not, it is as weird as using an Android KitKat OS now, instead of Snow cone or Red velvet. Once you have seen the outcomes of latest gears, there is no way going back. This is where the overall production cost in going higher. When drones have been introduced in weddings, off camera flashes are ruling the market, gimbal becomes an integral part of cinematography and professional color grading is catching eyes on wedding movies; the production cost itself has reached almost 30% higher than what it was a couple of years ago.

3. Introduction of Brands –


Say for example, given a choice between SONY and VIZIO, which one would you prefer when buying a television? Probably 80% of cases will be SONY due to it’s brand value, review and good history of service. The same holds true in Wedding photography industry as well. It’s always recommended that preferably go for a team that has good reviews in Google, Facebook and a decent brand value.
If you are opting for a good brand, it will surely introduce some additional costing. This may make the package look a bit exaggerated. This is more than normal now a days.
Remember, bigger the brand, higher the budget.

4. Time of event –


If you look closely at the event calendar, you will surely come across a common fact. Due to extreme weather conditions during the summer, Indians do prefer getting married on Winter. This has become more dominant in last 5-6 years. So, as economics say, higher the demand, higher the cost. Usually, peak season wedding photoshoot charges are more on the non-negotiable side. However, there is no harm to have a discussion with the vendor and give it a try.

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5. Longer celebrations –

Today’s weddings are no more a ritual. Rather it is a celebration which goes on between 3-7 days if not more. The photography budget is tightly coupled with this celebration. Now-a-days, teams are booked for 5,6,7 days for a wedding and hence the cost of coverage goes higher. Additionally, there are pre wedding photoshoot or post wedding photoshoot which adds the cherry on the cake. So, if you carefully observe the change in renumeration over last few years, this is surely one of the reasons.

6. Revolution in Albums –


Memories stay forever. Wedding albums are one of the physical tokens of memories which will remain with the family forever. This is often viewed by generations after generation. Hence, usually photography teams as well as wedding couples do not usually compromise on album quality. Canvera is still one of the top album printers and it takes a hefty amount to print those amazing albums. Considering the revolution of album designs and paper quality, the costings are also introduced accordingly to the budget.
It is definitely debatable whether the cost you are paying to the teams is appropriate or not, but it is quite evident that this is the need of the hour. There is a nasty world outside who keeps on changing so fast and we are just a part of it. But at the end of the day, review the works and figure out a budget that you can afford without compromising the quality. Remember, these are the only items from the event which will help you revisit the day again and again in future.
Thanks for reading.

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