5 Mistakes brides make in their wedding plan

5 Mistakes brides make in their wedding plan


Mistakes to avoid in a wedding: Everything you need to know


A bride always wants her wedding day to be the most dreamy, memorable and stunning day of her life. Wedding plan for the end to end ceremonies can invite a hefty amount of pressure as there are many areas to get right. The last thing a bride would want to do is to look back at what was supposed to be the best day of her life and regret an avoidable mistake. Here are the mistakes to avoid while planning your wedding. It talks about wedding venue, wedding photographers, wedding planners, make up artists.


1. Selecting the right venue - 

You must have explored thousands of photographs from Google, Pinterest, Insta and what not about your 'The day' as a part of your wedding research but the venue being selected by you or by family members (in most of the cases) doesn't always do justice to your dreams. Remember, wedding is a lifetime event and you cannot really change anything about it when it's too late. Analyze these points -
1. Number of guests,
2. Scope of decoration,
3. Open space available,
4. Multiple floors or single floor banquet,
5. Scope for photography,
6. Accessibility of the location.
Now, help yourself as well as the family to decide the appropriate venue for your wedding. In many instances, brides and the family members tend to make quicker decisions which are often not how the bride dreamt of her wedding. 


2. The right decor

Decoration is an integral part of your wedding which carries the overall essence, impression and flavor of your wedding. It also has a lot to do with your wedding photographs. Be very cautious while selecting the wedding decor and ask all questions you have on your mind to the wedding planner/decoration partner no matter how silly it sound like. Preferably select one color for your wedding eg. Pink, Peach etc (or any other pastel shades) and finalize the rest of the decorations accordingly. 
Remember, the decor which looked exquisite in Insta or Pinterest, might look out of the place if it doesn't match with the overall ambience. Do have a holistic vision before taking the final call. Your decoration vendor should help you here.

3. Prolonged Make up session 

Imagine a situation, you arrive at your wedding venue with the best look of your life, wearing the best dress you have always dreamt of ..from your mehndi to your hairstyle everything look just prefect.... BUT it's already 8.30pm in the evening!!!!
Some precious guests who came early to see you after years, had to leave without meeting you, your parents look a bit upset for your delay and gradually everyone start reaching out to you with the wedding gifts, selfie requests and eventually you tend to miss all the 'Special Bridal Portraits' you always wanted as you almost have no time to give your photography crew members. 
Wish this doesn't happen to any bride ever but reality says this is the case for as high as 60-70% of the brides. Refrain from selecting overbooked make up artists. It is important to look great on your D Day but it is also important to enjoy your wedding with friends, family, guests as well.
  • Be very specific about the time slot while booking your MUA
  • It is recommended to get ready by 5pm for evening weddings in order to have a smoother execution of all the rituals & events.
 Let nobody.. literally nobody mess with your wedding day, hence plan in advance.

4. Photography & on-time delivery 

It's been 6 months after your wedding, you are still waiting for the photographs. The team who appeared to be great on Facebook and Insta, is not picking up your calls anymore. Neither your messages are 'seen' on Whatsapp. 
You thought you had booked the best wedding photographer but now whenever you get a response, either there are power cut issues or grandfather died or internet problems. :) Finally when things are delivered, you found the images are unedited, not properly cropped, and it's only the bride & groom in the photos; family members, the beautiful decors, the magnificent dinner areas were given minimal attention. 
If you do not want to be a victim of any of these, PLEASE talk to your Photography partner thoroughly while booking. Consider these points before booking -
1. What are the official (written) delivery timelines,
2. Clarify what are your expectations and try to understand what not to expect,
3. Check if the firm is a registered company or a group of creative photographers,
4. Mode and phases of payment,
5. Minutely check Reviews in their Facebook page as well as in Google,
6. How long the team is in this business.

You can make out a lot from rating & reviews just like any other products in the online marketplace. Always go for buying the end to end service and not just lucrative 'creativity', 'candid shots' etc. Creativity, candid shots, portraits, on time delivery these all are a part of the photography service.



5. Messy time management -


Expect the unexpected to happen on your BIG day. :) Not everything is going to be hunky-doryYour uncle from Mumbai or aunt from Kanpur or pandit ji from the next colony is going to come late, which is normal. If you plan a tight timeline schedule, that's surely going to surprise you in many ways. Remember, a poor plan has enough potential to stress out your most desired evening. 
Hence, plan in advance keeping the buffer time for all events and don't take all the little duties on you rather try delegating most of them to the people whom you can trust. Preferably plan it in advance with your cousins, friends and distribute the responsibilities. They will enjoy doing it. :)

Congratulations if you have passed all these hassle free and kudos to you. :)
Feel free to comment if you had any other challenge and what could have been done to avoid that.

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