How to make Bengali Annaprashan pictures more lively and beautiful

How to make Bengali Annaprashan pictures more lively and beautiful

For bathing ceremony & haldi -

1. Backdrop – Be mindful about having a nice and sober backdrop in front of which you will carry out the events. Going without any backdrop or doing it inside a regular/untidy room will affect the pictures. Discuss more with your decorator/event manager/photographer what will look best according to your space and plan.


2. Use an appropriate cloth – There have been plenty of instances where the family members either forget to use a cloth to cover the private parts of the baby or deliberately does this for whatsoever reasons. However, this looks odd and makes the baby feel awkward while revisiting these images later with friends and family.

3. Using Milk & flower petals – Instead of using regular water, add some amount of milk into it to turn the water color white. This looks significantly better than regular water. Now keep some rose petals, marigold petals handy to use it for nice photos.


4. Steel Chalni – Remember, the cute little baby will be awfully surprised and annoyed if you shower a lot of water on him/her during the bathing ceremony. Instead, use a steel chalni to do the same which eventually will make the water flow slower and generate exquisite photographs.


For Annaprashan –

1. Similar dress pattern – To make the rice feeding pictures more unique and vibrant, you may think of similar dress pattern for both child and the person who will be feeding him/her. If it is a boy, you may plan for similar color pattern Punjabi/Kurta for both. If it is a girl, you may make it a combination of Saree and Punjabi with similar color/design pattern.





For Baby Photos –

It is obvious that at the time of rice ceremony, children can not seat or stand independently. Hence, photos has be captured either in a lying down pose or keeping a support behind the baby while it’s seating. So, the following items might help you collecting good memories of your baby on the event day.

  1. Few (5-6) soft toys of medium sizes
  2. Soft hair bands for girls (matching dress colors) & hat/cap for boys,
  3. Preferably a white/netted fabric,
  4. Dhuti-Punjabi-Topor for Boys OR Saree-Gachkouto for Girls,
  5. Last but lot the least, someone to make the baby smile :)
  6. Avoid any tika/tilak on baby’s forehead






For nice family Photographs -

Backdrop – You must be already planning for a nice background decoration where the baby will be seated during the event. Do not forget to consult it with your photographer before finalizing it.



Timing – Reach the venue at least half an hour before the guests start arriving. It will give you some time to get the nice family photographs and also some exquisite photos with the kid.  

Lastly, just few pieces of advice from someone who covered 500+ rice ceremonies, PLEASE follow the baby’s schedule and not Yours. If the baby wants to sleep, let him/her. If the baby is hungry, arrange feeding. Plan these things in advance.
Don’t go for extreme gorgeous dresses, this might make your baby uncomfortable. Plan for dresses which give comfort. Also, carry multiple sets of dresses just in case you need them.

All the best. Have a great event.

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