Best Time To Have Maternity Photoshoot

Best Time To Have Maternity Photoshoot


It’s great to see that you are expecting soon and it is one of those greatest times of life which you will cherish forever. With the change in our approach to see all the life events, now a days we want to make this wonderful phase memorable through some exquisite photographs. Maternity photoshoots were not very popular even 4-5 years back in India and particularly in Kolkata. But it is now becoming a mandatory part of mom’s checklist. Upcoming moms desire to capture those beautiful and creative photographs in a sensational maternity gown. Now, timing is crucial for the pregnancy photography.
There are two most important things to remember while deciding the time of photoshoot.
1. The baby bump is visibly nice and round
2. You are comfortable to move around
Usually Indian moms-to-be get a nice and round belly shape during 28-34 weeks of pregnancy. You can plan the photoshoot accordingly based on your comfort. If you have complications and undergoing difficulties to move around much, always book an Indoor photoshoot. However, If you want to capture your photos sooner, just consider the size of your belly and if you are satisfied with it’s roundness, just go for it. 
In case, you are running late, you are very close to your due date and you don't want to miss out on capturing beautiful maternity portraits, based on your comfort you may surely go for it. But keep the photoshoot strictly indoor. In some cases, moms-to-be may look like only about 5 or 6 months pregnant even close to the end of their pregnancy, but you need not worry about it much. But always be careful that babies might surprise you with an early arrival.

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