6 Trending Pre-Wedding Photography Themes – What Would Be Yours!

6 Trending Pre-Wedding Photography Themes – What Would Be Yours!

Not to surprise, wedding photography is no longer restricted to wedding day only. However, it is a staple to have pre-wedding photo shoots for couples going to tie the knot these days. Even, some couples book pre wedding photographers in Kolkata to capture the moment to propose marriage. So, for couples who are truly excited to book a pre-wedding photography session but cannot decide on the right theme for pre-wedding photo shoots, this blog is exclusively for all of you. Just read the blog in full and understand how you can make your pre-wedding photo session more candid, creative with fun.

Understand the Pre-Wedding Photography Themes

In pre-wedding photography sessions, you don’t need to attend guests, engage in rituals, and manage chaos. Rather you can spend the whole day of a pre-wedding photo shoot with your partner happily. So, before you choose a theme for your pre-wedding photoshoot, please have a look at the trending pre-wedding you cannot afford to miss.
  1. Bollywood Theme: You can choose a Bollywood theme based on your style and preferences. It can be a typical romantic theme or a classic Bollywood theme. Here the sky is only the limit.
  1. Vintage Theme: You can go for a vintage theme if you don’t like the hustles and bustles of rituals apparently happen in Indian weddings. Be it a park or a garden, a heritage home, or a front yard of a temple or church; you can go for outdoor and vintage pre-wedding photo shoot here. The photos will be clicked in black and white tone, but they will look stunning precisely. 
  1. Travel Wonderer Theme: Yes, if you and your partner love to travel then you can incorporate the traveling theme in your pre-wedding photography shoot. You can use travel props like backpacks, maps, to-do lists with travel itineraries, and more for pre-wedding shoots.
  1. Fairy-tale Theme: If you have a dream to dress like Cinderella and kiss your prince hiding behind your hat, congratulations, you got the opportunity. You can incorporate the same Cinderella and Prince theme for your pre-wedding photo shoot and fulfill your desire in reality. Choices are unlimited here, and you are free to choose a fairy-tale theme that you have cherished since your childhood.
  1. Boudoir Theme: Well, we know, it sounds a bit private. But, you can go for it if you and your partner are comfortable. You and your partner go for the photo session individually and present the best portrait to each other as a keepsake on the big day of your life. 
  1. Destination Theme: If you are thinking of going for destination pre-wedding photography, you need to arrange this a bit early. Even, ask your photographer for his availability before you book tickets for the destination and pack your bags to set off. Imagine you are in Kolkata, and you are thinking of shooting pre-wedding photographs in Darjeeling, or something like that. Anything you wish, you can go for it.

Lastly and Honestly….

It’s your wedding and the final words would be truly yours. You can choose any theme that you love or any pose that you feel comfortable in. Your pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata would love to capture it. Photographers believe, that when clients are comfortable and having fun nothing seems better than that. It is applied to Pre-wedding photography too. 

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