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About Baby Rice Ceremony Photography in Kolkata

Bengali annaprashan, or rice ceremony, is one of the traditional rituals conducted when a baby eats rice for the first time. Aside from preparing puja and inviting family and friends to bless the child during the ceremony to make the celebration memorable, rice ceremony photography in Kolkata has also become a part of that special day.

Working in the field of photography for over ten years, our expert photographers have the experience to capture your baby's reaction throughout the ceremony (eating rice, bathing with flower petals, etc.) to create a memorable storyline for the newborn, his or her parents, and the entire family.

Capture Your New-Born’s Rice Feeding Ceremony Through a Professional Photographer

A newborn usually feels scared or restless during his or her rice ceremony, which causes them to scream. There is no doubt, making the infant smile and effectively capturing his or her facial expression is a challenging task for an annaprashan photographer in kolkata. No matter how difficult it is to manage your child, using our vast knowledge in the photography industry, we can manage the scenario efficiently and capture all of this event's priceless moments so we can deliver an engaging storyline to everyone and amuse you as well. Furthermore, our rice ceremony photography in Kolkata service is affordable, and we always arrive on time to ensure that we capture every moment of your baby's special day without failure.

If you are looking for the best photographer in Kolkata to cover your child's rice ceremony event, please contact us by calling 9874598769 as soon as possible! We are very passionate about baby photography and look forward to capturing your baby's precious moments utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Rice Ceremony Photoshoot

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