When Should I Take Photos Of My Baby's First Year?

When Should I Take Photos Of My Baby's First Year?

When I first started taking pictures of babies, I thought that the best times to do so were at three months, six months, nine months, and twelve months. The idea behind this was to record all of their important moments in the first year. So, I just kept going with this pattern because I thought it was right.
It didn't work.
What I found is:

Most babies can't hold their heads up high enough for a tummy time photo at 3 months. So, a baby who is 3 months old looks a lot like a newborn who is wide awake.
Most parents pray that their baby sits up at 6 months, but most 6 month olds aren't quite there yet or can't sit up without holding on to something with both hands (not the best for photos). So many parents were upset because their babies couldn't sit up.

At 9 months, a baby session is a great idea and newborn photographer in Kolkata can guide you all the way. Very cute and a lot of fun! Best part, no stranger danger!
12 months...looks the same as the 9-month session, but now there's stranger danger or they're walking and running away from the camera.
So, there had to be a change! This three-month plan wasn't working. On top of that, I had parents who didn't want to do the 3 or 9 month session, so they were very upset when their child couldn't sit still for the 6 month session. Then, if we skipped the 3 month and 9 month sessions and the baby started walking at 11 months, we would have completely missed the sweet sitting stage.
Lucky for me, babies come in and out of my studio all the time, so I can keep a close eye on their growth at this age. I found that there is a very good way to take pictures of your baby's first year if you make a small change and skip one session. Here it is!
Best time to take a picture of your baby:

Newborn (0-21 days) (0-21 days). It's clear, right? You'll never have this chance again, so just take it. You won't be sorry you took the pictures, but you will be sorry you didn't.
4 to 6 months. Around 5 months, babies can use their arms to lift the top half of their bodies. This is amazing and so cute to catch on camera. At this time, they may also grab their feet, which is also very cute. This session doesn't look at all like a newborn session, but it still shows that very young/first milestone stage.
6 to 9 months. Here we are. This is the best time to take a picture of your baby in the first year. This is a BABY age. They sit, coo, laugh, and love being in front of the camera. They are the cutest things ever.
1 year. You may or may not have a walker by this time, but you will definitely have a big kid. It's amazing to see how much a baby changes in a year.

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