Tips For The Couple For Outstanding Pre-Wedding Pictures

Tips For The Couple For Outstanding Pre-Wedding Pictures

Pre-wedding pictures and videos are something that narrates your love story.  That’s why whenever I work with any couple; I try to understand the base of their relationship.  It helps me to deliver a soulful project.  But during the photo shoot, we have to face some difficulties repeatedly.  And this can be a barrier to not getting natural pictures. According to different pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata, I would like to share a few tips with you all.

Being a couple if you never have experienced a photo shoot earlier, then knowing these tips should work in your favor as well.  So without wasting more time let's know the tips first,


Be Comfortable With Each Other

Being uncomfortable is a basic problem that most couple faces.  And as a photographer, it's a big barrier for us.  Those who are doing a love marriage, are quite comfortable with each other.  But for those who are doing arranged marriage, being comfortable while shooting can be a real challenge.  That’s why it is always recommend, that before the pre-wedding photo shoot make sure you both have a great comfort zone, bonding, and friendship. It will help us to click some natural and soulful snaps.


Focus On Your Outfit

When you are seeking any kind of picture, an outfit is an ultimate thing to put your entire focus on.  And when it is to the pre-wedding photo shoot, you must have a good knowledge about outfits.  For both the bride and groom, avoid wearing heavy outfits. Also, you must avoid wearing heavy jewellery too. Rather keep it very simple and basic.  Apart from this, your outfit will depend on the theme of your photo shoot.  If you want to follow the trend then casual things are the most demanding.  So pick up a location like a café, different streets, or an ethnic hotel. And for that only choose simple and traditional outfits.


Focus On Makeup

For pre-wedding photoshoot makeup, brides never should go for heavy makeup. You can take help of a professional makeup artist. Always remember the more you keep the makeup simple, the more genuine the pictures you will get from earlier experience it can be suggested that if you're shooting in the morning time or the nighttime, a subtle makeup look is always appreciated.  But when you are choosing the outfit, make sure it complements your makeup as well. Mostly the makeup and the outfits are recommended by the best pre-wedding photographers in Kolkata.


In today's generation, it is seen people looking for expensive venues, classy decorations and so many luxurious things.  But if you want to keep your pre-wedding shoot 100% genuine and soulful, then accept the simplicity first.  It is not about the budget; rather it is all about how heart-touching the video is. If you want to get the same feeling then follow the above-mentioned tips and also listen to the recommendation, the result will surely mesmerize you later after wedding.

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