Quick Tips On Your Maternity Photoshoot Props

Quick Tips On Your Maternity Photoshoot Props

Photography Props may make all the difference when it comes to conveying the beauty and soul of maternity.  A basic photo session may be turned into a fantastic maternity photo shoot with lots of creativity and personal touch with the correct decorations. Props can provide a personal and significant touch to the photoshoot, even though the expectant woman and her expanding bump are the main focus of the session. Prop misuse, on the other hand, might make your pictures appear ridiculous. An expert maternity photographer in Kolkata seeks to capture YOUR unique love story through thoughtfully incorporating elements of your private life to produce pictures that hold greater significance for you and your family.

Choose props according to theme

It's an art to coordinate props for your maternity photo shoot with its theme. The correct props may make your pregnancy photos stand out, whether you're going for an urban, seaside, or rural theme. Think about using organic components for your rustic-themed photo shoot, such as flower crowns or a charming swing covered in flowers and vines. Sleek and stylish accessories like stylish maternity gowns or creative graffiti backdrops can give an edge to maternity sessions with an urban vibe. 

Beach pregnancy photos offer a plethora of options, such as using balloons as a symbol of happiness and lightness or a simple, flowing outfit to represent the tranquillity of the shore.


Pregnancy Tests: The Inception Story

What a fantastic prop for a gorgeous pregnancy portrait! It's important to commemorate the moment you learned you were pregnant. Pregnancy test inclusions in maternity photos are a funny yet incredibly intimate detail.

Bring the special ultrasound with you

Pregnancy joy and expectation can be beautifully captured in maternity photoshoots by using your ultrasound as one of the props. Seeing the tiny life developing inside of you, immortalized in a picture, has a very touching effect. 

Infant footwear

The most widely used props for maternity photos due to their adorable nature. Baby shoes are lightweight and easy to transport to any place.

Think about ornamental components such as flower crowns

Think about adding ornamental pieces to your outfit, such as flower crowns. Since maternity sessions are a celebration of nature and life, it is lovely to include additional life-symbolizing objects, such as flowers, that are in line with the subject and objectives.

Jewellery & Rings 

The skill of storytelling entails taking numerous pictures of various objects, such as the hands and tummy. Wearing sentimental jewellery or your wedding rings can be beneficial. 


When you combine your maternity photography session with your baby shower, you may commemorate the special moments of maternity with stunning photos of you and your spouse, as well as record the amazing moments of the baby shower with your closest loved ones. We suggest scheduling a minimum of three to four-hour session so that we have enough time to blend artistic portraiture with photojournalism. Consult with our maternity photographers for a much better suggestion for the shoot preparation and span of time required. 

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