Pre-Wedding Ceremonies of Bengali Weddings

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies of Bengali Weddings

Pre-wedding is now a very common term in photography genre. But from a very early time, in India, pre-wedding is a integral part of the wedding. Today we will be talking about the pre-wedding ceremonies of Bengali wedding that are being enjoyed with all your friends and families and captured by the photographer. Bengali culture being one of the most vibrant. There are various exciting and interesting rituals that make a Bengali wedding not just 'bigger than life' but also distinctive and pleasurable. Why visit to so many places and locations when you have so many ceremonies to celebrate along with the pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata. Sen Galleries has decoded this ritual in details.

Here Are The List Of Ceremonies Done Before Final Wedding


The opulent Bengali wedding begins with the Adan Pradan ritual. Priests accompany the family since an auspicious date must be determined according to Hindu panjika.

Next is the Ashirbaad means "Blessing."

For this tradition, the groom's family pays a visit to the bride and showers her with blessings and presents as a symbol of her acceptance into their family. On a different occasion, the bride's family does the same for the groom. The bride and groom are gifted with dhan, or husked rice, and dubyo, or trefoil leaves. Gold jewellery, family heirlooms, and other items are among the offerings. On the wedding day, the woman is supposed to wear this jewellery. Close friends and family join in on this occasion.

Ganga Nimantran - Inviting the Ganga River

Another distinctive ceremony in a Bengali wedding is the invitation of the River Ganga. Some family members march towards the river while blowing conch shells. They carry betel leaves, betel nuts, haldi, or turmeric, as well as a diya. Those who live far from the Ganga can do the same ritual at a local pond or lake.

Dodhi Mangal - The Morning Meal

The ceremonies of a Bengali wedding begin before dawn. The bride and groom are offered soaking flattened rice or chuda that has been combined with mishit doi or sweet yoghurt. This is the only decent supper that the groom and bride will eat until their wedding.

Gaye Holud.

Gaye Holud is initially done at the groom's house at an auspicious period. Some members of the groom's family bring some of the pasted turmeric that has been spread on the groom's skin to the bride's residence. Along with it, a new saree, generally in yellow and red cotton, is brought for the bride. She changes into this saree, and only then does the gaye holud rite begin at the bride's residence. The fun part is when the family members begin spreading haldi on each other!

After this, in the evening the wedding is done by yajna and other rituals.

All these pre-wedding ceremonies are celebrated with quite pomp. So, Bengali wedding starts well before once the bride and groom agreed.
The Pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata can also plan out shoot on your wish to different locations of your places. This is the latest trend along with these rituals. 

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