New Born Sleeping Routine: Facts You Need To Know As New Parents

New Born Sleeping Routine: Facts You Need To Know As New Parents

Do you know what is most important for a newborn photoshoot session? A calm baby who loves to sleep. Yes that would make a new born photographer in Kolkata the most happiest one. So to get some beautiful pictures of your new born, lets take the overview of the sleep cycle of a new born baby.

More than ever before, brain imaging and monitoring have shed light on the secrets of sleep, and scientists can now tell us exactly what happens while newborn sleep. Understanding why your infant has brief sleep bursts and frequent wakings may help you weather the storm a little easier.

Baby sleep is a constantly evolving phenomenon. A baby's sleep is extremely unorganised in the first few months of life, and they are motivated by a biological impulse to sleep. Some infants may go asleep on their own when they are exhausted, while others require more hands-on settling to help them sleep.

Significant change in the sleep cycle

The most significant shift in your baby's sleep cycle occurs around 4 months of age, and this is usually referred to as the 4 month sleep regression.

Here are a few of the changes you might anticipate:

Your baby's sleep cycles grow more regimented, and their sleep begins to function similarly to ours as adults.

They will begin to completely awaken between each sleep cycle rather than drift between them automatically.  

If your baby relies on a parent-led sleep association, such as rocking or feeding, they will now want you to reproduce this Every time they wake up between cycles (every 35-45 minutes during the day).

Let’s break some myth

Never disturb a sleeping infant

Nope. When you put your sleeping baby in a sleeper, you should ALWAYS wake them up! When a noise or hiccup unexpectedly wakes your child in the middle of the night, the wake-and-sleep approach is the first step in helping them self-soothe.

Babies should sleep in separate rooms

No. There's no urgency for your child to "become independent." Putting your kid in another room is really quite cumbersome for midnight care and feeding. Furthermore, sharing a room lowers your baby's chance of SIDS.

Most babies sleep through the night by 6 months

Actually, this is incorrect. First, even at 6 months, 50% of newborns get up once a night...Babies who share a bed do it even more frequently. Second, no infant ever sleeps all night! (Neither do older children or adults.) When we enter the light sleep phase of our sleep cycle, we all gently awaken.

Babies alternate between deep and light sleep cycles more frequently

However, newborns spend more time than adults do shifting between REM (deep sleep) and NREM (lighter sleep). They nearly usually wake up during these changes until they learn to self-soothe.


For the first few months, you and your baby will be adjusting to all of the new routines while living and sleeping to your baby's feeding patterns. It's a good idea to start developing healthy baby sleep patterns by month three. Routines assist your baby's brain establishing the bedtime routine easily.

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