How To Prepare Your Kid For The Perfect Rice Ceremony Pictures

How To Prepare Your Kid For The Perfect Rice Ceremony Pictures

The rice ceremony is a ritual in the Bengali community which is celebrated with quite pomp and show. After six months of birth, a newborn starts to eat some solid food. But before feeding them rice or any other solid food, Bengalis celebrate the occasion with friends and family. So, surely that are the moments which must be captured to cherish later on. For a 6 month old baby, the ceremony could be a bit heavy. And that is why we have seen that the baby feels uncomfortable and gets messy. The best rice ceremony photographer in Kolkata has the ability to capture the best moment of the baby among them. But you can follow these tips to make your baby feel comfortable while shooting.

Now let's know how you can prepare your baby to get some amazing rice ceremony pictures.

Maintain Regular Sleep And  Feed Pattern

During the entire photography career, I have seen babies getting cranky. And most of the time the reason is, not allowing them to sleep well and eat on time. No matter how grand the occasion is, you must observe that your child is getting his or her regular schedule. If you are busy arranging the event, then hire a dedicated person who can take care of your kid, especially for that day. If the baby stays cranky all day long, you can never get adorable pictures.

Always Have The Favorite Toys

Sometimes, after maintaining the regular schedule, they still don't feel comfortable. That's right, we try to make him or her comfortable with the different choices of the toy. It can be an amazing way to distract babies. The 6th or 7th-month old baby does not feel excited with the high-specification toys. So try to choose which has interesting sounds and lights.  When we do creative shoots we apply this technique.  

Keep The Baby Away From Gathering

When celebrating the rice ceremony, you will invite a lot of people. And most of them will start to pamper your kid. But unfortunately, this can be irritating for the baby. That’s why we always suggest our client give the baby a comfortable zone. Especially it is highly recommended when a shoot is going on. In front of a huge gathering, the baby will not be able to give poses as they will be uncomfortable. For all photographers handling the situation is a real challenge. But if you are hiring the best rice ceremony photographers in Kolkata, then they will do it quite easily.


To Wrap Up

The rice ceremony is quite popular, traditional, and the oldest form of ritual in Bengali. But the creative photo shoot during the ceremony is a current trend. And we truly feel the difficulties when shooting the baby pictures. Being a parent if you can handle the situation with the above-mentioned tips, it will make the process easier for us. But apart from this if you know any other way to handle your baby; you can apply that as well. The ultimate focus should be to keep the baby happy and comfortable during the photo shoot session.

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