How to get the best work from your Photographer

How to get the best work from your Photographer

Best work form your Photographer: Everything you need to know

If you are anxious about how the photography session will go in your upcoming event, then let me assure you that you are not alone. It's more than normal to be excited as well as nervous when it comes to photoshoot which is probably the only extract from an event you will carry for a lifetime.
This anxiety is always a bit more when YOU are the one who took the decision of selecting the photographer and if it doesn't turn out to be as good as expected, we all know how our families react. Lolz!

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Here are some tried and tested methods you can use to ensure your memories are well captured and you never repent on your decision. 

1. Sharing your expectations at the earliest  -



Always share what's on your mind before it's too late. Everyone has a difference in taste and choices, people have different perspectives. Photographers may not be good at reading your mind or read between the lines you have spoken.
Hence be very open in sharing your expectations in the very beginning. If possible you may share photos/video before hand how you like the shoot to be. This way you will make sure that the expectations are clear to the photography team.

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2. Asking for suggestions- 

Always try to keep the conversion with your photographer a 'Dialogue' and not a 'Monologue'. :)
Keeping the discussion interactive will help you achieve your goal of getting the best shots. So, when you are sharing your expectations to them, remember to consciously ask for their suggestions as well. They always come with a diverse experience that you can utilize for your event. Be it decoration discussions or your own dress finalizations, you will get a good feedback from your photography team. This way in one hand you are getting the right opinion and on the other hand you are indirectly letting them know how serious you are for the overall event and it's photography.


3. Be kind, humble and empathetic - 


The approach to deal with your photography partners has also transformed over the years just like the concept and style of photography. The old school approach of hiring a 'Camera man' from a local studio has now evolved into hiring candid photography experts for your event. So does the approach of work. Remember, just as you expect certain things from them, they too expect a bit of comfort so they can produce the best of the creativity. Being humble, nice to them will not harm anything but certainly they will give 200% effort for you. To summarize, just treat them same as your colleagues and rest will be taken care of. :)

4. Discussing the plan in advance -

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Not all Surprises are good. :) 
DO SHARE your plans with the photography team in advance. This will help them prepare for the shoot and know what to expect before the event.
It must include the -
1. Timings details,
2. Arrangements/customized event plan details,
3. Approx guest count, 
4. Make up artist details,
5. Decor and dress details.

Refrain from taking anything for granted, hence avoid informing things at the 11th hour. Whatever is already planned, feel free to inform the team.

5. Freedom of being creative -

Every photography team is creative in their own way. You have already performed extensive research and selected them based on your taste.
Now, brief everything you expect before the event but avoid instructing them with your ideas during the event. It creates unnecessary conflicts. If you really want something to be
your own way, feel free to go ahead and request them but never command or instruct. If you encourage them to play free, they will score more runs for you. :)


I wish you all the best for you upcoming event and I believe you are going to have a great time and memories.


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