Decode Why Wedding Photographers Wouldn’t Give Unedited Photos Ever!

Decode Why Wedding Photographers Wouldn’t Give Unedited Photos Ever!

While it is all about wedding photography, a few common questions and thoughts are raised always. Like, ‘Why Wedding Photography is expensive? Why cannot have all the photos clicked on my wedding day? Why do photographers edit photographs before sending them to us?’ there are lots more to ask and answer. But, importantly, you need to understand why wedding photographers in Kolkata or other cities do not give you all the wedding photos rather than what you are paying for.

The secret lies in hiring only professional photographers rather than amateur photographers. So to decode, why photographers don’t provide all the photos taken on your Wedding Day, you need to under significant points step by step.We would begin with what wedding photography means.

What is Wedding Photography in Actual?

First and foremost, you need to understand what wedding photography is. It is all about capturing the special day including moments like…
  • Emotions on the faces of your parents
  • The cute smile when you see your husband walking down the aisle
  • Yours getting ready movement to enter the Wedding Hall with Wedding Garland along with your bridesmaids
  • The ever-green moments of Subho Dristhi, Saptapadi around scared fire, and Sindoor Daan
These are a few among many precious moments of a wedding day captured by a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata. Remember and understand that a photographer not only clicks photos on your wedding day. But, he captures photos of your wedding that tell a story. 
Next thing you need to understand…..

Why Photographers Do not Give all the Photos?

On a wedding day, photographers take hundreds of thousands of photos for all the day, and it is a small part of their service. But, do you want your photographer to print those all and give them to you? Certainly not. A photographer cuts, edits, and deletes photographs to present you with a story that relates to your wedding day. If you are asking a photographer to give you all the unedited, unformatted, and uncut videos then it is like you are asking an author to provide you with a manuscript that is utterly impossible for the author, and unacceptable to readers.  Please, try to understand it clearly and it would make sense.

How Many Wedding Photos A Wedding Photographer Should Give You?

As it is said earlier, wedding photographers capture hundreds and thousands of photos on the wedding day. But, all cannot be given. You hire a professional photographer not just to click photos but to edit them to make them better and beautiful. Your photographer edit, adjust, and crop photos to make them utterly beautiful and captivating. Photos go into your album capturing all those precious and beautiful moments that tell a lifetime story you love to hold in your memory lane forever.
Your wedding photo album is not only a folder of hundreds of wedding pictures but also a story album that you love to revive time and again.

Wrapping Up,


You pay a wedding photographer in Kolkata because you want the whole story of your wedding day to get captured beautifully. Because each photo of a wedding day narrates something special and only a professional wedding photographer can transform the special moments into an epoch story.

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