Capture Mind Boggling Picture Using Only Window Lights

Capture Mind Boggling Picture Using Only Window Lights

There are a lot of props and ideas you will get for outdoor photoshoot. In fact, outdoor photoshoot is also not that tough, because you will get nature’s view, enough light, as many props as you want and other things as well.

But your skills will be recognized when you click on some amazing indoor pictures, having less option. To do so, windows are one of the greatest factors that will work in your favor. There are a lot of best wedding photographers in Kolkata. You can consult then as well for better guidance.

There I’ll let you know about the most amazing techniques you can use for indoor photography. Only using windows. Let’s have a look at that,

Flare Lights:-

To capture photos on flare lights, you need to prepare early in the morning. Just 1- 2 hours after the sun rises. Also, you can try evening time if early morning is not your cup of tea. In Kolkata, the ideal time to shoot photos in flare lights would be 4 P.M, but this 4 P.M. is only recommended for summer days. In winter days the time should be within 3 P.M.
Just place your subject in a position from where the flare light should be prominently visible. And if you are taking a portrait picture, then instruct your model to stand or sit at the landing point of the flare light. Just make sure you are comfortable with the DSLR settings.


If you are clicking on indoor pictures in the morning , then the show will be all over the area. So you need to find a way to click pictures along with the shadow. Avoid taking this as an obstacle, rather consider it as your one- time opportunity. Unless you are making this concept, you can never click any great pictures.

You can also consult with the best wedding photographer in Kolkata. They will be able to guide you in the best possible way.


If you are shooting indoor pictures using a window, then start your planning reflection first. Reflection photography can be a very common one but it is also a trendy one as well. If the sunlight is coming from your window, then place a mirror in such a way that it will create a conceptual photo. For portrait photoshoots, these kinds of conceptual photos are very much precious.

Wrapping Up

In this profession of photography, there is huge competition. So, if you want to win the competition, you need to be unique and special. Otherwise you won’t get recognition on this journey. But if you are taking it as your profession, then you need to implement some business skills to approach people.

Before you start working professionally, you should take a professional course. It will help you to be clear with the basics. Nowadays, you will get a lot of options for online and offline photography classes, get admission in any classes and start your professional journey.

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