Best Time For Baby Photoshoot

Best Time For Baby Photoshoot

All right, so you are blessed with a life full of happiness recently and spending an wonderful time with the little one. It is extremely heartwarming to see the little one doing a variety of activities all the day.
Days are passing by and the little kiddo is growing up every day. Just yesterday you saw and confirmed that the little one looks exactly like the father and today you saw again to find that, no it looks like her mother. It’s an amazing time you are passing through.
Now, when you realized it’s also important to capture photographs with the little munchkin before it’s too late. So, when should you go for the photoshoot, what will be the best time for an exquisite photo session is a million-dollar question.
We will look for an answer to this in this article.

There are majorly 3 types of baby photoshoot within the first 1 or 1.5 years of the baby.

1. Newborn Session (Within 20-25 days of birth)
2. Matured Newborn Session (Within 3-6 months)
3. Sitter Session (Within 8-18 months)

Newborn Session (Within 20-25 days of birth):

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1. Amazing and lifetime memories with the little munchkin
2. Fantastic content for Insta/Facebook posts, stories to announce the childbirth
2. The baby doesn’t move or hinders the photo session if shoot is carried out within 15-20 days
1. Difficult for new moms to bring their newborn to photo studio in so early stage.
2. The babies look & face change a lot afterwards, hence it’s tricky to emotionally connect to those images later
3. No chance of making the baby smile with any activities (Unless the baby smiles on its own)
4. Photos captured mostly with eyes closed
5. Sometimes it’s challenging to make the baby sleep during the shoot and sleep is mandatory for newborn shoots.

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Matured Newborn Session (Within 3-6 months):

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1. Comparatively easier for Moms/parents to take the baby to the photo studio
1. The baby still can’t seat independently, hence mostly the photo will be either on a posing chair or lying down.
2. Siting, standing photographs are out of scope, hence variety of photos will be less
3. The babies look & face change a lot afterwards, hence it’s tricky to emotionally connect to those images later

Sitter Session (Within 8-18 months):

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1. Amazing and lifetime memories with the little munchkin
2. Easiest for Moms/Parents to take the baby to the photo studio since the baby is matured enough by then
3. Baby can seat independently; some of them can also stand and walk a bit, hence a variety of photos can be taken
4. Expressions are more prominent
5. During this time, babies can also follow your directions/activities and parents can make the baby smile
6. Wide range of themes can be tried

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1. Parents need to wait longer (as it is applicable to 8-18 months babies)
2. Need to get the shoot done before the kid becomes too playful

So, if we judge the best time for photoshoot with respect to parents’ comfort, baby’s comfort, worth spending money and making lifetime memories, here is what we see –

  Best time for baby photoshoot through a points table
It is always up to the parents and the taste of choice while deciding a time for the photographs. But keeping a various factor in mind, especially for India and Kolkata where cesarean deliveries are more and so is the recovery time, we have given the points.

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