Bengali Aiburobhat - A Sweet Moment With Grand Feast

Bengali Aiburobhat - A Sweet Moment With Grand Feast

Most of us has been introduced with the western’s bachelorette parties. Right? But if you dig into our culture, there is a special way of offering treat to the would-be bridge or groom. Bengali bachelor parties, often called "Adda" or "Aiburobhat," are distinguished by a special fusion of traditional customs, exuberant festivities, and a robust sense of friendship and obviously food. Bengali bachelor parties are a treasured component of pre-wedding celebrations, although not being as widely structured or lavish as in other Western societies.

Aiburobhat - The Last Food Before You Wedding!

Aiburo (bachelor) Bhat (rice) is how the term "Aiburobhat" is informally translated. As a result, the ritual honors a bachelor's final meal at home. This rite is most prevalent in the homes of many Bengalis, particularly in Ghoti (the traditionally East Bengal people). The day before the wedding, the families of the bride and groom gather for a big feast that includes some of the bride's favorite recipes. cuisine comprises a variety of seafood dishes, fried foods, desserts (Mishti), doi, and anything else they enjoy. Since most close relatives arrive the day before the wedding, the groom or bride is typically expected to consume it all and relish their time with them.

The difference with the western culture is that these parties are organized by relatives, friends and closed ones. They fully organize the foods, the day and the adda zone. Also there is a part of offering blessings by the older ones and also new clothes.

How Many Such Aiburobhat Can You Enjoy?

Literally limitless! There can be one aiburobhat or many, depending on the number of aunts, uncles, and other relatives in addition to maternal relations. The amount can increase since each aunt, uncle, and other family can offer their own aiburobhat, and some coworkers can provide it in the workplace.

But as per the tradition, your parents would feed you the last aiburobhat. It is being celebrated just the day before the D-day.

Role of Photography

The last one that is offered by parents is often being captured by professional photographers. Being a pre-wedding ritual, you must hire the pre-wedding photographer in Kolkata to capture those moments of intimacy with your family before wedding.

Also, never miss the customs of the family. Aiburobhat may include culturally rich events, including readings of short plays or poems by Tagore. These performances strengthen the bond with Bengali customs while also providing entertainment. Bengalis have a strong tradition of music and art, and music and dance are frequently featured during bachelor celebrations. Rabindra Sangeet, Baul tunes, and other Bengali musical genres are played during the celebration, whether it's professional dancer or friends showing off their skills.


Aiburobhat are distinguished by their vast cultural diversity, cozy, familial environment, and focus on deep connections. The fundamental idea of the party, though it may differ from family to family, is to send the soon-to-be husband out with love and pleasure while making lasting memories prior to the start of the wedding festivities.

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