A Guide For Perfect Photography In A Hindu Marriage

A Guide For Perfect Photography In A Hindu Marriage

Hindu marriage is about so many things. It is a ceremony where there are many rituals before and after the main marriage ritual. Though recently the pre- wedding and post wedding photography has got a hype, but the Hindu weddings has so many things to celebrate as pre-wedding and post wedding. As the best wedding photographer in Kolkata, it is always been challenging to rightly focus on the perfect occasion. Well, not more. Here we have made a list of the events which should be on the priority list of a photography while capturing a Hindu wedding.

The Pujas at the Beginning

Hindu weddings are largely centered around the intricate and solemn Viddhi ceremony, also called Vivaah Sanskar. Paying attention to the different symbolic and cultural components is significant. Capturing these moments contribute to the holy union of two people which is necessary in order to capture the spirit of this ritual.

The main event usually starts with a Ganesha Puja. Capture the pair and their families praying to Lord Ganesha, the remover of barriers, for blessings, as it represents the beginning of new beginnings.

The Events in Between the Marriage

The bride and groom exchange garlands as a gesture of their acceptance of one another. Take pictures of their happy faces and vivid hues as they enjoy this happy and carefree tradition.

Important rituals that represent the marriage tie include the tying of the Mangal Sutra (holy necklace) and the application of Sindoor (vermilion) to the bride's forehead. Showcase the significance of these symbols in Hindu matrimony while capturing the minute nuances of these procedures.

Events After the Wedding

Vidaai symbolizes the bride's tearful departure from her parents' house. Capture the emotional farewells, embraces, and blessings as the bride leaves for her new life with the groom to highlight the sentimental aspects of this customary ceremony.

Record the customs that follow the Viddhi ceremony and other post-wedding rites, such as Grihapravesh, where the bride moves into her new residence. These are culturally rich and symbolic events that tell the whole story of the wedding journey.


Candid Moments and feelings are the feelings that add life to the photos.  Remember to record candid moments and feelings in addition to the ceremonial elements. Especially you can get more such pictures on the day of reception party. Also never forget to take moments with the guests that can make the album more colourful. The album becomes more intimate and sincere as a result of the looks, grins, and tears exchanged during the Viddhi ritual.

Essentially, recording a Hindu Viddhi ceremony requires a deep comprehension of each ritual's spiritual and cultural importance. Photographers may create a visual narrative that not only preserves the ancient traditions but also conveys the emotional depth of the union being celebrated by capturing these essential aspects. 

Hope these quick guides on wedding photographer would help you. Rest is all your talent of photo taking skills and perspective.

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