7 Popular Wedding Photography Styles – Every About-to-Wedding Couple Must Check

7 Popular Wedding Photography Styles – Every About-to-Wedding Couple Must Check

From wedding dresses to venues, wedding themes to wedding destinations, and of course wedding photography – all these differ from couple to couple. Among these all, choosing the best wedding photographer is the most challenging one for every couple these days. With a little research, recommendation, and a settled budget, you may end up with a professional wedding photographer in Kolkata successfully. But, have you ever thought of a wedding photography style? If you have not then take this blog as your guide to choose the best wedding photography styles.

Top Wedding Photography Styles

Let’s not make any delay but get straight to the popular wedding photography themes chosen by modern couples shortly. What would you like? Choose one from the list of wedding photography styles we are about to untie below,
  1. Traditional: Traditional wedding photography might not be highly creative but this is similar to the photographs your mom and dad had for their wedding frame. This is the perfect style for family portraits after your wedding ceremony.
  1. Vintage: If you share an unknown connection with old objects and antiques, vintage wedding photography would suit your wedding to-do checklist. You can also incorporate retro-style photography with this style. Talk to your wedding photographer in Kolkata if you have thoughts/ideas to share.
  1. Editorial: Don’t make it confusing with newspaper photos. Rather it is a type of wedding photography that you generally find in fashion magazines. So, if you are a style diva and you want your wedding photoshoot to get executed with style and charisma, go for editorial wedding photography with no doubts.
  1. Black and White: it may sound like your taste is so colorless. But, in actuality, you are a thoughtful and emotional soul. Many types of backdrops can be incorporated with Black-and-White wedding photography.  This style always provides more emotion that every couple loves to keep intact in their wedding photo album.
  1. Landscape: If you are planning for a destination wedding, you can undoubtedly go for landscape wedding photography. This style and theme are highly acknowledged by professional wedding photographers for scenic beauty.
  1. Photojournalistic/Documentary Style: Rather than calculative wedding photo shots, photojournalistic or documentary style photography captures spontaneous and candid moments of the bride and groom on the wedding day. Even, pictures of décor, guests, and venue are shot spontaneously. This style of photography more focuses on the moments of bride and groom experience on the special day and less on the perfectly technical photos.
  1. Lifestyle Wedding Photography: When you like to be what you are and you want your wedding photographer to click pictures of your real being, you must go for candid lifestyle photography. Lifestyle wedding photography is a refined form of documentary wedding photography.  It is candid but it is done with a few directions and styles.
These wedding photography styles are just a name of a few. There are more to select like fine art photography, aerial wedding photography, dark and moody wedding photography, blurred wedding photography, and so on.

Expert’s Advice….

If you are unable to choose the best wedding photography style for you, talk to our professional wedding photographer in Kolkata. We promise you would not regret the choice.

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