6 Ways to Capture Nice Photos During a Bengali Rice Ceremony

6 Ways to Capture Nice Photos During a Bengali Rice Ceremony

The rice ceremony is regarded as an important occasion in Bengali culture. It is an occasion when a newborn baby eats rice for the first time. Over a long time, people have shown an interest in hiring a professional rice ceremony photographer in Kolkata to capture all of the wonderful moments of the significant day. Since your newborn is meeting a lot of people for the first time, he or she may feel nervous or uneasy throughout the day. However, there are six ways you may employ to capture amazing photos of your baby that will make the event memorable for the rest of your life.

The Best Moment for Capturing the Rice Ceremony Photograph


Begin with Some Photos of The Newborn Alone

Before you begin the routine, ask your photographer to capture some solo photographs of the little one. Because when individuals begin to arrive at your home to attend the event, your baby may become uncomfortable, making it challenging to take pictures of him or her appropriately. 

Capture Photos of The Baby with His or Her Parents

A photograph of the infant with his or her parents will demonstrate unconditional affection between the baby and the parents. To make the moment more unforgettable, find an ideal spot in your garden or on your rooftop where the baby might feel more at ease. 

A Photograph Must Be Taken During the Haldi/Bath Ritual

Another essential rite in the Bengali rice celebration is the haldi or bath ritual. A professional rice ceremony photographer in Kolkata always catches the special moment to enable the entire family to cherish those enjoyable memories. 

First Feeding by Maternal Uncle or Grandfather

The main event of the ceremony is when a baby receives his or her first grain of rice from his or her maternal uncle or grandfather. Thus, it is important to preserve the best moment so that it can be treasured forever. Also, the natural pose of the infant and other guests may form an excellent frame during that ritual. You may also request that your photographer shoot some photographs after the feeding ceremony when relatives hold your baby in their arms or laps to keep him or her happy. 

While the Baby Selects Objects to Demonstrate His/Her Future Interest

According to Bengali customs when the infant chooses an object to represent his/her future interest, your photographer will undoubtedly catch the moment to make a proper storyline. 

Photos of “Mama Bhat” 

After finishing the rites at the father's house, most newborns visit their maternal uncle's house to taste the solid food again.  This beautiful moment may capture by hiring a professional photographer. 


Here, we have discussed some simple yet typical images that people prefer to capture during their baby's rice ceremony. A side from that, you can ask the photographer to capture some other moments, such as the plate on which a variety of foods are served for the first time to your baby, or while the baby is getting ready by wearing his or her special costume for the special day, etc., to make the rice ceremony photo album more memorable.

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