6-Pro Suggestion To Hire the Best Wedding Photographer in Your Area

6-Pro Suggestion To Hire the Best Wedding Photographer in Your Area

So, your wedding bells are ringing already and you are busy with hiring decorators, caterers, florists, DJs, printing invitations, and your wedding shopping. But, have not you forgotten an important thing? We are talking about hiring a wedding photographer. If you think that you would easily get the best wedding photographer in Kolkata at the last minute of wedding preparation, you might have mistaken.
How to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer?

There are lots to check out when you want only a professional photographer to click your wedding pics. Hence, without any delay let’s know what to take care of when you want the best wedding photographer for your wedding album.

  1. Identify Your Wedding Photography Needs: there are three types of wedding photography – Candid, Cinematic, and Traditional. Converse with your photographer about the types and ask him/her to recommend the best type according to the wedding venue, dress, style, and season.
  1. Know the Type of Wedding Videography: Yes, there are also two types of videography to avail of, Cinematic and Traditional. While traditional videography is less expensive and less creative; cinematic videography is more creative, technical, and costly.
  1. Set Wedding Photography Budget: Based on your wedding budget you need to decide on your photography budget. You need to do intensive market research before hiring any wedding photography service. Compare the cost of wedding photography near your location to hire the best wedding photographer in Kolkata according to your budget. 
  1. Sort the Best Photographer With Tips: You can sort your search for the best wedding photographer counting on so many things.
  • Browse top wedding photographers’ profiles and websites in your location
  • Visit online wedding planers’ sites to find a gem
  • Hover on social media platforms
  • Ask for references from your family, friends, colleagues, and so on
  • Meet with the photographers in-person to shortlist the best one
Remember your budget always before you hire one.
  1. Qualities a Wedding Photographer Must Have: Yes, apart from photography talent, there are a lot of things that a wedding photographer must have.
  • He/she must be understanding and have a straightforward mind to understand the needs of clients
  • He/she has experience in the field
  • His/her photography is already acclaimed by previous clients
  • He/she can coordinate with clients without any glitches  
  1. Other Essential Things to Take Care Of:
  • Make sure, he has dates and times to shoot your wedding pictures.
  • He will cater the day himself not sending his assistance for your wedding photography
  • Make him very of your needs. Inform him of which events you want to get clicked without any misses.
  • Ask him how long it would take to deliver your photos. Numbers of photographs you would get in guess. Will he provide you with all the data in a secure drive or not?
  • Ask how many photographers will be on the team.
  • When they will reach your venue?
  • How do they accept payment? Is there any advance to pay?


There is a hell of a lot of things to consider while you are about to hire the best wedding photographer in Kolkata. You need to go through each of the things thoroughly to have the best wedding photography service aligned with your investment.

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