3 Tricks To Covert A Simple Photo To A Special One

3 Tricks To Covert A Simple Photo To A Special One

Doing photography is an art. Without solid knowledge of camera lens and science, you can never be extra ordinary personnel. In today’s generation, this photography profession is the most competitive yet out of the box. Mostly you will see wedding related or birthday photographers in Kolkata. But to do wild life photography requires passion.
Let’s say you have clicked on a very simple picture. But do you know you can make it a master piece photography just by doing edits? Here in this article I’ll let you know about 4 amazing tricks on these edits. So without more delay, look at the points given below,

Brightness And Contrast:-

When you click on pictures, first you need to have enough knowledge of your camera settings. More importantly, on your DSLR settings. Depending on the brightness of the place, your ISO should be modified. But after clicking a picture when you see it on a bigger screen, you may feel unsatisfied with the color of the picture.

Right from here you need to start editing in Photoshop. And the first and foremost step of editing is adjusting the brightness and contrast of the picture. If you only work on these 2 things, you can make a huge change in the photograph. Also, you must gain proper knowledge about editing, because if you over do the editing, it can ruin the entire picture.

Changing In Position:-

Before the editing, comes capturing the picture. If you are taking portrait photographs, then you can easily guide your model to change the position accordingly. Sometimes shadow and lack of light do not cooperate to click a good picture. So if you guide them to be in the correct position and posture, it will enhance the entire picture quality. Who knows, it could be a wowing one too!

If you are a professional event like wedding or birthday photographer in Kolkata, then you should know this thing. But unfortunately, if you do not have so, keep practicing well.

Grains On Picture:-

Sometimes grains are not at all welcoming for pictures. Especially, if you are looking forward to clicking on a bright picture. With the lack of lights, it is very common to get grains in the picture. If it happens to you while clicking it, just simply level up the ISO. Also, you can adjust flush and stutter speed accordingly as per your needs.

Final Thoughts:-

Representing master piece photographs will not happen within over tight. It will take exam of your patience and capacity. As I mentioned before, photography is an art, and art comes only with true passion and constant dedication. If you want to start your new journey with photography, just buy a basic set up and continue your practice.

There is another tip for you all. While you are practicing, try to click the pictures of animals, birds and nature. If you become comfortable with clicking these pictures, automatically you will be able to click great portraits as well. 

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